Benefit #1: Value

  • If lawyers could save you money without sacrificing quality, shouldn't they do it? Well, we did it. How you ask? Simple. We skipped the traditional, expensive law office, we keep our law library on our laptop, tablet and smartphone, and we hire additional help (such as a secretary or paralegal) only when it's necessary. The money we save is passed straight to our clients. 


Benefit #3: Flat-Rate Pricing 

  • Our services are based on upfront, flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees or surprises.  Our prices are listed directly on our website so you know what our services will cost (and what you are paying for) before you decide to hire us. 

Benefit #2: Convenience

  • We are available 24/7 by appointment. Our clients have the option to come to us or we will come to them. We can meet at a neighborhood coffee shop, during a break from work, or at one of our office locations. Our main office is in Tempe but we have additional office space all around Phoenix. However you wish to work with your lawyer, we will make it happen.


Benefit #4: One-On-One  Attention

  • Every client works directly with their lawyer-not a paralegal or secretary. Whenever you need to contact your lawyer, just pick up the phone and call them directly.  If your lawyer happens to be unavailable and you leave a message, every effort will be made to contact you as soon as possible. 


Benefit #5: One Free Hour

  • We maintain a relationship with our clients long after the case has been resolved. Because of this, we offer each client one free hour with their lawyer, redeemable at anytime in the future, to research, review, and discuss any new legal issue that may arise.