Injured...What can you get?


Suffering a sudden injury, especially one that wasn't your fault, causes pain, anxiety, and frustration.  What happens if I miss work? What about my pain and suffering? The good news is that Arizona law allows recovery for many different situations and hiring the right Phoenix personal injury lawyer can help you get all the money you are entitled. 

To determine how much money your injury is worth, Arizona law allows our Phoenix personal injury lawyer to consider many different factors.   First, we can consider the nature, extent, and duration of your injury.  If you suffered a broken arm for example, the nature and extent of your injury would be much greater than if you sprained your ankle.  

Second, we can look at the pain and discomfort you have already experienced plus what is reasonably probable for you to experience in the future as a result of the injury. Some injuries, such as severe burns, may leave a person with a lifetime of scars, pain and suffering that needs to be compensated. For burn cases specifically, it is very important to contact a Phoenix personal injury lawyer with experience handling burn cases.

Third, you should be compensated for reasonable, necessary medical care for your injury and any missed work or loss of earnings. This means if you were taken to the emergency room by an ambulance and missed a week of work, you should be able to recover all of those expenses.

Finally, you can be financially compensated for loss of enjoyment of life, which is the participation in life’s activities to the quality and extent you normally enjoyed before the injury. If you suffered a broken leg and you were a marathon runner and no longer can run, this will be factored into your final settlement.

This is a general overview of what you can recover when you have been injured in Arizona. This list is not exhaustive and you should talk to an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer about the facts of your specific situation.  Our Phoenix personal injury lawyers are on call 7 days a week to help answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.