Why I started LawTruck.com

A few years ago, when I was working as a felony defense attorney in downtown Phoenix, I was rear-ended by a negligent driver.  I was on 7th avenue about to get on the I-10 to go home for the day when it happened.  I'm a lawyer experienced in Phoenix personal injury litigation but being on the other side was an eye-opening experience.  

My work schedule was relentless, I had a busy home life, and the last thing I needed was to have my life uprooted because someone else failed to notice the light was red and not green.   

For the first time, I experienced first-hand what it was like to be injured and how the insurance companies can take advantage of a claimant. My first adjuster did not know I was a Phoenix trial lawyer and he severely undervalued my claim.  

Finally, I decided to reveal my occupation and I was transferred to a different insurance adjuster. After several months of negotiation, a proper personal injury settlement was reached and I was finally done: my medical bills were covered, my truck was fixed, and I was feeling much better.

One reason I started LawTruck.com was to help other accident victims. It is not easy to get all the money an accident victim deserves without a skilled lawyer. And it is very difficult to manage your life through the challenges of the insurance industry. So, I created a client-centered company to bring a Phoenix personal injury lawyer straight to you--you don't need to take any more time out of your life--we work your case, deliver your documents, and once we reach the proper settlement, we will deliver your check. The best part? Because of our virtual law firm, our prices are some of the best in Phoenix.  

Sometimes it takes someone to walk a mile in another’s shoes to understand how to fix their problems...well, problem fixed.  Welcome to LawTruck.com, putting Phoenix personal injury clients first 7 days a week.