Phoenix DUI Aggressive defense

Former DUI Prosecutor

  • Henry Beam, our former Felony and Misdemeanor DUI Prosecutor will be your lead lawyer for your entire case. You will have access to his personal cell phone and email to make sure your questions and concerns are addressed asap. He will take you through every step of your case, explain all the legal possibilities and consequences and if your case needs to go to trial, he will be your trial lawyer. 

3-Step Aggressive Defense

  • Through years of experience, we have developed a focused and successful 3-Step defense system to give our clients their best opportunity at having their case dismissed or the charges reduced. Henry Beam will explain our method during your initial, 100% free consultation. 

Plea Negotiation

  • Most often, Arizona DUI cases get resolved by a plea agreement. This means that you agree to accept guilt in exchange for something. Something is the key word because each plea agreement offers different value depending on what you want or don't want and the value in a respective plea agreement isn't always apparent. Plea negotiation and acceptance is an art and we will do our best to ensure you get full value if you decide to accept a plea agreement.

Unlimited Court Appearances

  • Whether you need us to help get you out of jail or stand by your side in court, relentlessly advocating for your interests, all of your court needs are covered in our Full-Service DUI package ensuring you will never be alone in court, with a judge, or a prosecutor.

Explanatory Letters

  • Sometimes you need to explain what happened, even if your case was dismissed, for an employer, loan, or school. It doesn't matter if you need us in 6 months or 3 years; we are happy to draft a letter explaining what happened in your case. Obviously, we will review all documents we draft with you prior to submitting it. Most of our clients are clients for life and we are committed to protecting their interests long after our formal representation has ended.

Mobile Meetings

  • We know your life is busy and missing work or adjusting your schedule to meet your lawyer isn't convenient. We will meet you where and when you need us - during a break from work, at a neighborhood coffee shop or your home. You also have the option of coming to our office in Tempe if you prefer a more traditional setting. Whatever works best for your schedule, we will make it happen. 

Driver's License Defense

  • One part of your DUI case is defending the Misdemeanor charges, the other is fighting the DMV to keep you on the road and minimize any suspension. Sometimes the best strategy is to request a formal hearing with an administrative law judge. If this is in your best interest, we will represent you at no additional cost.  

Legal Investigation

  • Your case is unique and your defense strategy must be tailored to meet your specific needs.  Our legal investigation is often split into two parts: (1) we make sure that your constitutional rights were protected and if they were violated, we prepare to dispute it in front of a judge and (2) we make sure the Prosecutor follows the rules and doesn't overstep what they are authorized to do. Our investigation begins from day one and is necessary in preparing a strong, tailored defense for your Phoenix area DUI.

Legal Research

  • Legal research is a component of almost every case. Sometimes it takes hours if not days to find what is needed to win a case. No matter what your legal research needs are, we have you covered and you are never charged extra for what your case needs.

Evidence Analysis

  • Once the evidence is collected, it is our job to analyze it and outline how strong your case is and determine what evidence we need to win your case. Typical evidence includes police and accident reports, chemical testing such as blood or breath tests, jail videos and sometimes dash cams. Each case is different and has its own set of evidence to challenge.  

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