Clear Your Record: 

Misdemeanor: $1,000

Felony: $1,500

  • Most mistakes can be corrected. Our lawyers will research your case, put together a proper legal motion or petition for the judge to consider, and represent you in a formal hearing when necessary. Once your conviction has been set aside, we will provide you with your official paperwork and retain a copy for you.

    Our service includes:  

    • Application Support: If, for example, you are not sure how to properly answer a question concerning your criminal history on an employment or apartment rental application, we will advise you on how to answer those questions at no additional charge. 


    • Personal Support: If, for example, your school administrator, employer or landlord would like more information regarding your conviction and the effect of having it set aside, we will discuss the legal implications with them and advocate on your behalf at no additional charge.


    • Future Support: In the event the judge denies our motion or petition, we will re-file it in the future at no additional charge. 

    Your rights. Get them back:

    • Felony convictions can take away very basic rights such as the right to vote or possess guns.  Beyond this, it is a class 4 felony to be in possession of a gun if you do not have your legal rights restored after a felony conviction. 


    • Having your conviction set aside is a huge benefit in the eyes of any employer. Further, this will put you on almost equal footing with applicants who have never been convicted allowing your application to be judged on your skill and not a mistake you made in the past.  As stated above, if your future employer needs to discuss your application with us, we will do so and advocate for you at no additional charge. 

    The law:

    • In Arizona, there is no formal expungement but the law gives you a remedy to set aside your conviction by having a judge review your request.  
    • Once the judge grants the motion or petition, the court will set aside the judgment of guilt, dismiss the accusations or information against you and order that you are released from all penalties and disabilities, subject to a few exceptions. 
    • However, not everyone will qualify to have their conviction set aside. Please call us for a free consultation to discuss your unique situation.

    Please call us to set up your free consultation, for additional details or questions on any service at 1.855.500.8782