Henry Beam, a Former Misdemeanor Prosecutor is ready and willing to take your case and fight for a dismissal. 

Henry Beam, a Former Misdemeanor Prosecutor is ready and willing to take your case and fight for a dismissal. 

Phoenix Misdemeanor Lawyer


Former Misdemeanor Prosecutor

  • Anyone facing misdemeanor criminal charges should take advantage of a free case review with Henry Beam, our former Prosecutor. He will give you his opinion on your case and an upfront, flat-rate quote before you decide to hire us.
  • Henry Beam, our former Felony and Misdemeanor Prosecutor will be your lead lawyer for your entire case. You will have access to his personal cell phone and email to make sure your questions and concerns are addressed asap. He will take you through every step of your case, explain all the legal possibilities and consequences and if your case needs to go to trial, he will be your trial lawyer.

3-Step Aggressive Defense

  • Through years of experience, we have developed a focused and successful 3-Step defense system to give our clients their best opportunity at having their case dismissed or the charges reduced. Henry Beam will explain our method during your initial, 100% free consultation.

Upfront, Flat-Rate Pricing

  • All of our Arizona Misdemeanor defense services are based on upfront, flat-rate pricing posted directly on our website. Just find your highest charge and that is the quote for your case. With our pricing system, there are no hidden fees or surprises. You know exactly what your case will cost before you hire us. If you don't see your charges, give us a call and we'll get you a quote.  Most cases can be started for 1/2 down and we offer payment plans and accept credit cards to make it as easy as possible for you to get the right attorney at the best price to fight your case. 

Court Appearances

  • Whether you need us to help get you out of jail or stand by your side in court, relentlessly advocating for your interests, all of your court needs are covered in our Comprehensive DUI package ensuring you will never be alone in court, with a judge, or a prosecutor.

Convenient Meeting Options

  • We know your life is busy and missing work or adjusting your schedule to meet your lawyer isn't convenient. We will meet you where and when you need us - during a break from work, at a neighborhood coffee shop or your home. You also have the option of coming to our office in Tempe if you prefer a more traditional setting. Whatever works best for your schedule, we will make it happen. 

Personalized Representation

  • Your case is unique and your defense strategy must be tailored to meet your specific needs.  We spend as much time as needed with our clients to make sure we understand all the issues and make a personalized plan to address each one.

Please call us to set up your free consultation, for additional details or questions on any service at 1.855.500.8782