Arizona is some of the best country to ride in: the wide open highways, rolling mountains and perfect winter weather. Even sticking around metro Phoenix, Tempe or Scottsdale, you can find an amazing ride just around the corner. No airbags, no seat belts and no turning back. Enthusiasts nationwide would agree there is nothing like the open road.

So what happens when another motorist doesn't respect your space or the rules of the road? What happens when that semi truck doesn't see you in the blind spot? What happens when you are forced to lay your bike down because a commercial truck ran a red light? What happens when their insurance company won't pay for your injuries? What happens when they won't pay for your bike? This is when you call McFadden and Beam: Two tested trial lawyers who team up and take on the insurance company for you.

Let's be real, anytime you lay down your bike, it's a big deal. You are likely headed to the hospital, will miss work and and need to put your life back in order during your recovery. This is what we do. McFadden and Beam will manage the case for you, investigate all claims, fight the insurance company and make sure all your rights are enforced.

Our service always starts with a free consultation with you and your family. We can take as much time as needed to make sure you feel comfortable in what needs to happen to maximize your recovery. You can meet us at the office in Tempe or, if it's easier, we'll travel to your home, hospital, or rehab clinic and talk about your case. You can hire us on the spot for no out of pocket money and we can get working immediately.