The professionals at handled my case both quickly and effectively and exceeded my highest expectation. I would undoubtedly seek their counsel again.
— Matt L.
LawTruck took my case and got it dismissed. Thank you for all the hard work!
— H.S.T.

As a medical doctor, my life is very busy. My lawyer from quickly settled my case, got me more money than expected, charged a surprisingly low fee, and delivered my settlement check. Couldn’t have asked for more.
— M.S., M.D.
LawTruck was able to get me out of a REALLY tough spot. Henry was able to achieve unexpectedly positive results with my case. I recommend him to EVERYONE I know that got a DUI or needs some legal help.
— M.D.M.

Sharing testimony on excellent counsel from to give you hope for fair resolution on your DUI charge

To you facing a DUI:

Sharing testimony on the excellent counseling that I received from the law offices of in the hope that your case turns out as fair and positive as mine did when I was charged with extreme DUI and several other charges. is an innovative service that delivers lawyers who work around your schedule for a low, fixed rate. The rates are posted directly on the website. You get great service at a fair price from lawyers who can meet with you at a convenient location.

I met regularly with Henry Beam, the counselor assigned to assist me, at a local coffee shop to ask questions and seek advice. Counselor Beam showed a caring spirit in accommodating me on my coffee shop selections and by answering my calls even on Friday and Saturday evenings. He explained the several options we could take and the risk and possible benefits of taking those paths. He described the full range of scenarios that could result from every step we might take.

While his scheduling of court dates to accommodate my work schedule was most impressive, very special to me was that Counselor Beam considered factors that could affect my health, employment, and economic conditions along every step of the way. I would highly recommend Counselor Henry Beam and the services of to defend you!

Thank you, and Counselor Henry Beam, for bringing this learning incident to conclusion for me.
— José D.
I want to thank Henry Beam for the wonderful job he did. I thought it would be impossible but he was able to do it. Thank you for winning the case for me. Just give him a call and you will be satisfied.
— K.W.
I got a great deal. You made it much easier and took all the stress out of it. Thank you!!
— R.S.
Mr. Beam got both my assault and disorderly conduct charges dismissed. He handled my case with diligence, efficiency, and skill. I couldn’t be more pleased with the LawTruck experience.
— W.B.

Henry Beam is a great man. Although I have never known him personally, there are certain qualities in the way he defends his clients that are a sure tell sign of a good heart and a just mind. I could not have asked for a more thorough representation during my case. I highly recommend Mr. Beam and I am grateful to have met him. Thanks again Henry for being a hard working serious fighter in the line of duty.
— Evan C.
I am completely blown away at how easy and effective is! I have worked with other law firms in the past who I felt did not handle my case with as much care and expertise. LawTruck solved my case exactly as I wanted the outcome to be and throughout the entire process, I had confidence in them and peace of mind, which is invaluable! I would certainly recommend using their effective and highly competent services!
— K.M.

Thanks for all the help! That was just what I needed...Couldn’t have done it without you!
— M.B.
Henry Beam and really helped me out with an important problem...thank you so much!
— P.D.

When I was charged with a DUI this past May, I was a unsure of how to proceed. I was a little unnerved at the thought of hiring an attorney due to the fact that I had heard many accounts where an attorney had charged outrageous prices to achieve the same results as those without representation. I debated just taking my chances by myself and accepting a guilty plea, saving valuable time and money.

Luckily, I did not make this decision after I was referred to Henry Beam by a colleague. Henry took the time with my case from the beginning, scheduling a consult free of charge to talk about the case. When I did make the decision to officially hire Henry, I was charged one low upfront fee- which was significantly lower than any other lawyer’s cost that I had come across.

Henry was able to dissect the details in my case and succeeded in lowering my charges to a reckless driving. He was honest, thorough, and helpful throughout every step in this otherwise painful ordeal. I would more than recommend him to anyone that is in a similar situation, as I know he will show the same level of commitment while maintaining a low and fair cost.
— H.H.

It is with an open heart full of gratitude I would like to thank the Law Office of Kellen W. Bradley, PLLC and Henry Beam of Beam Law, PLC.

For the first time in my life, I found myself facing a DUI experience that carried with it extreme stress and fear as well as possible penalties that would change my life forever. In the beginning, I tried to handle the case myself, but soon found that the court system and cases varied so much that I had no idea what possible outcome I would experience. This, combined with the overall stress and confusion in my life, caused me to reach out and discuss my case with these two gentlemen. After the first 10 minutes, and for the first time in 2 months, I felt as if I could breathe.

Their vast knowledge, experience, strength and perseverance gave me the confidence to let go and allow them to do what they do best. My last court date having that presence with me not only took such a burden off my shoulders, but also, I believe, was key in my case being dismissed completely!

I have and will continue to refer them to anyone I hear of having any similar issues, and while I don’t plan on ever having this situation to deal with again, I know that if I ever do need legal counsel, they will be the first call I make.

Thank you again so much!

In gratitude,
— V.S.